White Mountain Lakes County Recreation Improvement District Since 1993
White Mountain Lakes County Recreation Improvement District Since 1993

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The White Mountain Lakes County Recreation Improvement District was established in 1993 to maintain a stable and adequate water level for lake use all through the year. The District's annual budget for maintenance and improvements is assessed through a Special District Property Tax to the properties within the Distrtict boundary. There are approximately 3,400 land parcels of varying size from residential lots to undeveloped acreage that share the District expenses and the owners of those parcels are District Members. Lake use is then reserved exclusively for District Members and their authorized guests.


The District employs regular maintenance/lake patrol personnel to serve the needs of the lake users and an administrator to provide quarterly reports to the Board of Directors.


The governing Board of Directors are the same five people that make up the Navajo County Board of Supervisors. The Board will hold a Spring Community Town Hall each year to receive feedback from the community. Suggestions from the community can be emailed or given to the Administrator or the Clerk of the Board of Directors. Contact information can be found on our Contact Page.


The lake is surrounded by private property. Unless specific authorization is obtained to cross private property to access the lake shore, it is required that all authoirzed lake users access the shore from the property that leads to the boat ramp, docks, and swimming area to avoid trespassing. Once on the water, a boater is free to dock and use any portion of the shoreline below the private property boundaries.


The District also owns property on Carr Circle and Snider Circle as well as most all of the property that Silver Creek flows over downstream from Bourdon Ranch Road. Use of these properties and the creek below Bourdon Ranch Road is also restricted to District Members and authorized guests. There are a few easements that give Members access to the creek from roads to the south shore of the creek. Please note this portion of the creek and the lake do not require a fishing license.

                      Obtain your placard

District Members and Associate Members need to display a placard from the rear view mirror of their car to gain access to any District Property.

Placards are only issued by staff at the DIstrict Office (small building by the lake) during office hours, which can be found on the left-hand side of the home page. 

Placards will only be issued to the owner of a property - after first verifying their ownership and payment of the special district tax (via Navajo County Assessor's tax information) or to an authorized renter after completion of the Notice to Relinquish and Tansfer Rights form and a $25 deposit have been received. 

Only one placard per taxed District property will be issued.

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